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Starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum

& Michelle Williams as Charity Barnum

Musical biography of the self-proclaimed "inventor of show business", as the penniless Phineas Taylor Barnum gambles, innovates, charms and exploits his way to the (big) top, creating the most famous circus show in the world.  Appropriately enough fiction and reality are soon blurred. Featuring glitz and glamour galore, plus a soundtrack that will stick in your head for weeks, this is a real crowd-pleaser: exactly what the man himself would have wanted.

Show Date & Time Friday, May 18th 8:00 pm
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Starring Frances McDormand as Mildred

& Sam Rockwell as Dixon

Winner of the Academy Awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, and nominated for five others. Convinced the local police have failed adequately to investigate the unsolved murder of her daughter, Mildred Hayes starts a campaign to shame them into progress, including renting three large billboards outside the town to publicise her cause. Her uncompromising determination soon divides the locals, but Mildred proves it will take more than official disapproval to stop her.


Show Date & Time Friday, Jun 1st 8:00 pm
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Starring Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill

& Kristin Scott Thomas as Clemmie

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor for Gary Oldman (assisted by equally Oscar-winning Best Makeup). There's a war on, and it's not going well. Faced with the choice of negotiating a peace with Nazi Germany or fighting on to what looks increasingly like the bitter end, the new British Prime Minister weighs his options.

Show Date & Time Friday, Jun 15th 8:00 pm
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